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The conductors shall be composed of plain electrolytic grade aluminium & copper wires complying with IS 8130-1984.
Normally aluminium conductors up to size 10 Sq. mm. are solid, circular in cross section, and sizes obove 10 Sq. mm. are stranded. Conductors of cross section 16 Sq. mm. and above are normally sector shaped.

Mining Cables to be used in gassy mines shall be of copper conductor only.


High quality PVC compound Insulation applied on conductor by extrusion. General purpose Insulation, with max operating temp. 70C & with Heat Resisting insulation are also available for maximum operating temp. of 85C for 1.1 Ky grade cables. It shall be conforming to IS 583 1-1984.

  Inner Sheath

The laid up cores applied covering by extrusion or by wrapping with Thermoplastic material, un-vulcanised rubber or proffed tapes. Single core cables do not have inner sheath.


For multi core cables armouring is applied over the inner sheath. In case of cables where fictitious diameter over the inner sheath does not exceed 13 mm., the armour consist of galvanised round steel.wires; above this size, normally the armour is of galvanised flat steel wires (strips).

Armouring of Ashocab Mining cables consists of galvanised round steel wires/strips to meet the resistance requirements as specified in IS 1554 (Part 1)1988.

For single core armoured cables non magnetic armouring is provided over the insulation

  Outer Sheath

Outer sheath is extruded over the armouring. In case of multi-core unarmoured cables, over the inner sheath, whereas, in case of unarmoured single core cables, it is extruded over the insulation. This is always black in colour for best resistance to outdoor exposure. Any other colour can be available on request.

Ashocab Electric cables 1.1 K.V. embossed on the outer sheath. In case of Ashocab mining cables, the word Mining is added in the embossing script. The embossing script repeats in such a way that every meter of the cable bears the same script.

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