Conventional power cables, control cables and house wiring cables, jacketed with PVC, although adequate for normal working conditions, prove hazardous in a high temperature environment, when exposed to fire from an external source. In installations such as power plants, steel plants, fertilizer and petrochemical plants, industries, high rise buildings, cinema theatres, hotels and hospitals, cables are grouped closely together in limited space and installed in ducts or racks. Fire from an external source spreads rapidly in such conditions causing enormous damage.
In addition to the danger of fire spreading rapidly, the dense black smoke generated lowers visibility, hindering fire fighting and rescue operations. Acidic fumes released by the fire are corrosive, causing great damage to sensitive electrical and electronic equipment.
Ashocab now introduces its range of Flame Retardant Low Smoke jacketed cables to counteract these hazards of conventional PVC cables. Ashocab has been a leading manufacturer of wires and cable sand enjoys an enviable eputation for the quality and reliability of its products.

The FRLS compound has these special properties :

> High resistance to ignition.
> High resistance to flame propogation.
> Low smoke emission.
> Low emission of acid fume.
> High critical oxygen index much greater than general purpose PVC.
> High temperature index-250°C as against 120°C for general purpose PVC.
> As a result, in the event of fire from an external source, FRLS cables arrest the spread of the flames, emit little smoke thus not impairing visibility and corrosive acid generation is minimized.


The test details below prove the superiority of Ashocab FRLS cables over general purpose PVC cable under conditions of fire. The tests are as per International and BIS specifications.

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