Ashoka Industries specializes in manufacturing XLPE cables ranging from 3300 volts to 33000 volts .
Medium Voltage Cross linked Polyethylene Cables (3.3KV- 33KV)
Cross-linked Polyethylene Insulated XLPE Power Cables possesses excellent electrical, mechanical and heat-resistant properties. It has an advantage over PVC insulated cables because of its easy maintenance,Lighter Weight,Long life,Lasser Electrical Losses etc . ASHOKA INDUSTRIES XLPE cables are manufactured and tested in accordance with IS: 7098 (Part II) and other international standards.
Product Range: - Aluminium/Copper Conductor
- 3.3 kV to 33 kV •
- 35 sqmm to 1000 sqmm •
- Armoured / Unarmoured •
- HT Aerial Bunch Cables
- Strip/wire Armoured Cables
- Single / Multicore Cables
- XLPE; insulation by CCV process & Sioplas process with triple head extrusion.


- Medium Voltage Xlpe Cables have longer life as compared to conventional PVC Cables.
- Medium Voltage XLPE Cables have a higher continuous conductor temperature rating upto 90°C.
- Medium Voltage XLPE Cables have a higher emergency Overload capacity upto 120°C.
- Max. Temperature limit under short circuit conditions for HT-XLPE Cables is 250°C. Hence XLPE Cables have higher short Circuit Rating.
- Insulation Resistance of Medium Voltage XLPE Cable is excellent & superior to identical PVC Cables.
- Medium Voltage XLPE Cables have high corrosion resistance in polluted atmosphere.
- Medium Voltage XLPE Cables have better properties of resistance to chemical and corrosive gases.
- Medium Voltage -XLPE Cables have low installation cost because of light weight dimensions and are far more flexible.
- Medium Voltage -XLPE Cables have better properties to withstand vibrations, hot impacts.
- Jointing of HT-XLPE Cables is easier and quicker.

Current Rating of HT XLPE Cables

The current ratings of HT XLPE cables given in the different tables are based on the following assumptions:


Maximum conductor temperature for continuous operation



Ambient air temperature



Ground temperature



Thermal resistivity of soil

150°c  cm/w


Depth of laying (to the highest point of the cables laid direct in the ground)

900 mm

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