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    Instrumentation and Data Communication Cables  
  (300 VOLTS 80°C PVC)

  1.  Conductor:  Solid/Multistranded bare Copper or tinned Copper
  2.  Insulation:  PVC/PE/PP
  3.  Color scheme of Pairs:   As per National/International specifications or as per our customer’s Specification.
  4.  Separator Tape:  Melinex Tape is used in case of individual pair and Overall Shielding.
  5.  Rip Cord:  To simplify jacket removal a high Tensile Strength Nylon Rip Cord is provided over the shield below the cable     Jacket.
  6.  Shielding and drain wire:  It may be of Aluminium Foild Bonded to a Polyester Film. It is wound helically with 25%     overlap to provide 100%  coverage, even under severe Flex Conditions. A Tinned Copper Wire installed to provide     continuous contact with the Shield and to allow connection to Ground the Terminals. Tinning the Drain reduces Galvanic     corrosion between drain & shield.
   7.  Jackets:  May be of PVC/FRLS Compound.
   NOTE: These types of cables may be Armoured or Unarmoured. In the case of Armoured Cables, Inner jacket of P.V.C. is    provided below the Armouring.

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