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    Thermocouple Wire And Cables  
  Compensating and Thermocouple Extension Wires  

Ashoka Thermocouple Extension wire/cables are used to economically extend thermocouples to instrumentation in installation where thermocouple wire cost will be exorbitant. High accuracy is maintained by proper selection of wire material and insulating it to meet the field conditions where these wires/cables are installed. Every wire/cable is colour coded as per ISA and ANSI standards for quick identification. The wire/cables confirm to IS, ISA and ANSI recommended limits of error.

  PVC Insulated Wire and Cables  

PVC insulated cables with PVC outer sheath are , in addition to economy, show excellent dielectric, mechanical strength, flame, water, abrasion and oil resistant properties. These cables can be produced in both armoured as well as unarmoured construction in accordance with customer specification. JX, TX, KX, EX, RX, SX, type cables can be manufactured depending upon the type of thermocouple with they are to be used.

  Thermocouple Extension Wire/ Cables for High Temp. Application  

These cables are designed for extreme temperature applications and have a continuous seeving rating of upto 1000 °C. Fibre glass or asbestos tape insulation with fibre glass or asbestos braiding is used in these cables.

     Extension Wire Limits of Error  
    *Standard alternate extension wire copper/copper nickel alloy.  
     Identifying Thermo-Couple Extension Wires  
     Nominal Resistance of Wire (Loop)  
      Ohms Per 100 Ft. at 68° F  

Gauges followed by "f" are stranded.

     Nominal Physical Properties of Thermoelectric Materials  

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