Ashocab Cables may be over loaded for short periods without any effect on cable life.

A basic advantage of Ashocab is that insulation resistance and breakdown strength are practically unaffected by moisture. In fact, Ashocab Cables may even be laid directly under water

Since there is no impregnating compound in these cables, they can be laid vertically and on steep slopes. Further, there is no danger of bleeding at lower level sealing ends.

Ashocab Cables are resistant to practically all chemicals encountered in practice. Most of the common acids and saline solutions have no effect on Ashocab Cables.

Ashocab cats Cables have high short circuit safety since they can withstand a high transient conductor temperature without any deformation of insulation or displacement of conductor.

Ashocab Cables are flame retardant since Ashocab ignites with great difficulty and that too when directly exposed to a flame it does not propagate the flame. Ashocab extinguishes itself as soon as the source of the fire is removed.

Due to there light weight, Ashocab Cables are easy to install and handle. Small bending radius permit the termination of these cables in limited space. This eases the termination of Ashocab Cables in switchboard control panels.

Low tension Ashocab Cables do not required sealing ends when installed indoors, hence termination is done quickly and economically.

Ashocab Cables have a smooth outer surface resulting in a neat appearance when installed. Ashocab outer sheath is tough and abrasion proof.

Ashocab Cables have a long service life.

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